case study

computer telephony
integration system.

Phonio is a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) project for desktop environments that is specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our client, a growing company in the pharmaceutical industry, was using an off-the-shelf system that couldn鈥檛 be extended to the extent the company required. For this reason, the client decided to build up a complete system from scratch, thereby enabling the company to adapt the system 100% to their way of working and be ready for any future growth or changes.

The most complex challenge in this project was achieving multi-directional integration between all company systems (Cisco Call Manager switchboard, lab information system, Microsoft Exchange, telephone directory鈥).

Thanks to this integration, employees have access to all relevant customer information, including names, call histories and the latest versions of patient reports requested by their customers. This enables the company to improve levels of customer service and satisfaction.

The other major challenge was gathering data from the switchboard using the TAPI interface and displaying the information in real time.

From the first

step in the customer


This application enables the receipt of real-time notifications for incoming calls, so customer service agents can identify instantly who they are talking to.

All available information about the customer is visible in the notification window.

The monitor shows in real time which employees are currently on the phone, in meetings or out of the office.

Process tracking

and management

In order to contribute to decision-making and improve the service offered to clients, we also included tools to facilitate analysis and teamwork:

Ability to leave comments on every call regarding actions to be performed in the future.

Tracking of actions, workflow, history and next steps.



Phonio is a cross-platform, desktop-based CTI application
compatible with different operating systems.
(Windows / Mac OS X).

Tools and

processes used

  • Front end

    We used Electron and Angular for the front end.

  • Back end

    The back end was created with C# (WebAPI and valudio/netsocket).

  • Product development

    Steady contact to the end user to discover requirements and adapt item priorities to the current needs of the user.

  • Agile software development process

    The client had access to deliveries and demos every 15 days in addition to weekly meetings to discuss the status.